About Us

Since our launch, BOGMAR has garnered a very positive response – engaging a particularly affluent and celebrity clientele including musicians and oligarchs. Since then, our brand has evolved to encompass an array of everyday essentials in luxury and exotic materials. Our many existing customers and our 20,000 strong Instagram fan base have made us one of the leading brands in this luxury segment. Thank you for this.

BOGMAR produces high quality accessories adapted to the chic trend of the times. They are all designed in London, and are mostly hand assembled in our UK headquarters. We hugely value creating exclusive premium quality products that will serve our patrons as companions for life: the very foundation of the BOGMAR fashion brand was laid with this in mind. 

Our wealth of industry know-how has guided us in creating a collection of products and carefully selected materials that amalgam rich designs and adept craftsmanship to ensure they stand the test of time.

Over the past 10 months we have gone through more than 80 samples; 9 leather suppliers; several gold plating techniques; 4 product designers, 3 photographers and two teams of website experts. It has been a long journey but getting here was worth it all. We are now able to deliver you products with stunning colour combinations; leather textures and discreetly placed elements that ensure you receive the perfect experience. We attach our greatest importance to delivering you exclusive premium quality accessories, across our whole range, every time.

The BOGMAR initiative

Crocodile and ostrich leathers create for the most visually stunning accessories; however, the animals used for the making of these leathers are bred purely for this purpose. The animal charity PETA has revealed how reptiles are put through serious suffering and cruelty throughout their lives.

BOGMAR does not use any of these leathers; instead all of our products are made from finest quality calf leather embossed with crocodile and ostrich patterns. This creates for a look that is virtually indistinguishable from real crocodile and ostrich leather without subjecting the animals to cruelty.

By buying BOGMAR products you get the most luxurious leather patterns: responsibly.